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Once their fee is accounted for, they promise to negotiate with your creditors and settle your debts. Well, the debt settlement companies usually don’t deliver on helping you with your debt after they take your money.They’ll leave you on the hook for late fees and additional interest payments on debt they promised to help you pay!You’re in deep with credit cards, student loan payments and car loans.Minimum monthly payments aren’t doing the trick to help nix your debt, and you’re flippin’ scared.Their behavior hasn’t changed, so it’s extremely likely they will go right back into debt.

You don’t need debt rearrangement—you need debt reformation.

Pay attention here, because these crafty companies will stick it to you if you’re not careful.

We’ve already covered consolidation: It’s a type of loan that rolls several unsecured debts into one single bill. Debt settlement means you hire a company to negotiate a lump-sum payment with your creditors for less than what you owe.

Most of the time, after someone consolidates their debt, the debt grows back. They don’t have a game plan to pay cash and spend less.

In other words, they haven’t established good money habits for staying out of debt and building wealth.

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So basically, your debt would go from $50,000 to $57,000–60,000.

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