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Who is tom cruise dating today

So, there's likely no plans that I can tell for the pair to move from California (Jamie) or New York (Katie). Both are still attending events regularly where they live locally, and are spotted traveling to see each other from time to time. OR they actually did take a brief break, and we saw a tiny sneak peek at their private life before they became tight-lipped about the situation again.Amid the breakup rumors, Katie only added fuel to the fire by posting a very sexy photo of herself en route to the Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards grand opening.Both Foxx and Holmes were spotted wearing rings on their wedding fingers.

)It's worth noting that Jamie saying he's single might be something that the two actors had agreed upon to downplay their relationship (remember that episode when Samantha counseled her actor boyfriend Smith to say he was single in a public interview to better his brand?After a very public relationship with Tom Cruise that ended in divorce in 2012, Katie Holmes all but disappeared from the spotlight.Holmes chose to focus instead on her work as an actor, producer, and director, and her low-key life with daughter Suri in New York City.From Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt to Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers, it looks like there is a lot of love lost in Hollywood.However, some celebrities are still going strong in their relationships, and are still able to give us hope that the love we see on screen can actually happen in real life.

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