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The couple dated a little over five years before moving in different directions. Brie confessed that she was the artsier of the two and "didn't want to play soccer anymore." Nikki, on the other hand, was going to get a scholarship to play soccer in college but then she broke her leg. Not only was it sad losing my boyfriend but his beautiful soul. The bear claws you see on my lower stomach are in memory of him."6.

While every girl should have her fling with a musician, we're certainly glad that Brie ended up marrying Daniel. The Bella Twins used to be the World Cup Twins for Budweiser.

Nearly thirty years since their inception and Opeth are still held in the highest regard among the metal community.

A unit who not only contribute to the genres long standing vitality but push at its boundaries.

But I swung and missed, that curve ball alluded me as I usually listen to rock and roll but this album although has many rocking moments is full of soul music reminiscent of the 1970’s and early 1980’s when singers like Teddy Pendergrass were big. But I gave this album many many spins and you know what, it really isn’t that bad.Check out the throwback video below to catch them in action! And now Nikki recently won the Divas Championship again, making her a two-time Divas Champ!In 1986, Lionel Richie won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song - Motion Picture for "Say You, Say Me" from White Nights.This being Richie’s 21 solo album dating back from his self-titled debut in 1989, any musical artist with talent is going to change things up throughout their career, or you hope that’s the case, otherwise you’d get the same exact album every time just with a different name.displays the talent Kotzen has and the versatility his vocals can accomplish.

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