Who is lana turner dating

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Who is lana turner dating

(But obviously not enough for him to defy his mother’s wishes).

1946: When Tyrone Power divorced Annabella in 1946 he was soon romantically involved with Lana.

Cast and crew were astonished to see both actors engaged in steamy love scenes that continued after the cameras stopped rolling.

Pregnant with her daughter Cheryl, Lana got an annulment and reluctantly remarried him in July 1943, primarily to save Cheryl from the stigma of illegitimacy. 1944: Lana and Austrian actor Turhan Bey dated for a while, but his mother did not approve and he was compelled to end the relationship.

Fifty years later he ran into Lana at a party and informed her that she was the love of his life.

with Fernando Lamas in At their table that evening were two other couples – Esther Williams and her husband Ben Gage, and Arlene Dahl and her husband Lex Barker.

The highly jealous Lamas took umbrage at Barker asking Lana to dance and a violent altercation ensued.

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These included Buddy Rich, Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey, but the most serious of these romances was with drummer Gene Krupa who was going through a messy divorce at the time.

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