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I assume you are a guy…Be very very careful because if you come off sexual and she is underage or it is a sting you will have a world of problems.

Probably a lot of what I'm going to write now will be irrelevant if you are Asian looking and/or have a good grasp of Mandarin and/or not a tourist.

Currently I had experience with We Chat game in Shanghai, Yangshuo, Chengdu and Beijing, with Shanghai having by far the best results.

Never try to copy Chinese guys, if you can, try to be the complete opposite from them, dress different, act different.

Svetlana Russian Escort Shanghai Shanghai Svetlana blonde is sweet, sexy and pretty; clear blue eyes, perfect skin and luscious lips combine to give her a sense of purity and innocence, but when she...

Oxana russian Escort Girl Shanghai Shanghai Meet our lovely, blonde, crazy Escort girl available for any desperate client, called oxana.

Set up an English username, can be your first name, can be just an Alias like "Mr.

Sunshine", just make sure it's something light, fun and easy to understand.

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So I definitely didn't game full time or even most of the time.

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