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Married men who cheat are starting at a connection deficit. The tribal mentality hits just as strongly in women, as they are the more social of the sexes.Gossip and impressions within a woman’s social circle can greatly influence her choices, especially if the group enables finding a 'steamy affaire' as validation or self-empowering.Well…nothing technological had any twinkle in anybody’s eye yet and information was as reliable as a rich guy in a motel.

It was common place in the majority of societies to be married with kids by the time age 25 rolled around.

In fact, humans decided that adultery is so not okay that even the Bible dedicated two whole commandments to making unfaithful acts a sin.

But let’s be honest, that was thousands of years ago before we had knowledge of psychology or science and google wasn’t even a twinkle in a developer’s eye yet.

If one partner happens to feel bored, insecure or trapped with their marriage partner, then the door to infidelity and the pursuit of discreet encounters may open up.

In some cases where communication is better and the couple might live a more alternative lifestyle, polyamory dating might become an option.

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Men have other needs despite what society tells us and it’s downright rude to generalize the male mind as ‘wife nag=have affair.’ Sometimes the man could be secretly gay and is finally ready to connect to other gay males online.

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