Validating radio buttons with javascript Auntis live sex chat and adult

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Validating radio buttons with javascript

Because we want to make sure that when we're giving people options.

That when we send them off later, the computer know oh, these are related.

's instead of radio button which I'm able to validate fine, but the reason I can't use that in this instance is that the user is viewing the page in a language where the equivalent of 'Yes' or 'No' is different depending on how you structure the question, so I'm using ticks and crosses. Edit: What I've tried to do is use the .children() function to check if one is checked and if not set a flag that says the form is invalid.

But I cannot get the syntax right, and haven't been able to find a good code sample for this yet.

They're typically shaped as these squares and you have the opportunity to click them for things such as, do you want to be part of the mailing list, if you want to receive additional information etc.

You've all seen these before when you've been online.We will cover concepts such as variables, looping, functions, and even a little bit about debugging tools.You will understand how the Document Object Model (DOM) is used by Java Script to identify and modify specific parts of your page.When we were doing name and email and different things like that. You give it an input type of text, email, password, etc.But as far as a page was concerned, these were all very separate part of the page. However, there are some additional form fields that we're going to want to look at. And how they differ from the earlier input field we were doing is that they need to be related within the code.

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I have a form (a dynamically created questionnaire) with multiple questions.

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