Validating a dance specific screening test for balance radar love dating

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Validating a dance specific screening test for balance

In the context of adaptability, it was more relevant to consider the visuomotor reaction time on the behavioural level as the time needed to select and execute the appropriate motor response in a changing environment.Previous research showed that together with the reaction time and pre-motor time as outcomes for speed of signal processing, accuracy can be used as an outcome measure of adequate signal processing and learning [].star excursion balance test, Y-balance test) or by counting balance errors when performing a balance test (e.g. Both reach distance and balance errors have been proven to be reliable and valid outcome measures [].

In detail, this pathway includes visual perception, visual processing, visuomotor transformation and motor execution time [].

Opinions vary on whether joint hypermobility is an asset or liability in dance.

This paper argues that it is an asset, the arguments for its being a liability often confounded by inadequate scoring systems inappropriately applied.

This implied a stepwise description of the 1) definitions and exploration throughout the theoretical constructs of balance and adaptability, followed by the 2) development of test items which lead to the creation of the final test protocol.

Despite the widespread use of the term balance, no unanimous consensus exists on its definition.

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Nevertheless, balance tests are commonly used in the assessment of ankle and knee injury prevention and return to sport decisions in clinical practice []. (2013) illustrated that reacting to a non-planned stimulus is of great importance in sports.

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