Updating your nim image

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Updating your nim image

These will be described in separate sections although, in some cases, you could do all three by running one command (updatenode).

See the updatenode man page for for details and examples.

You cannot install software on a running diskless node directly.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive presentation of all options that are available to x CAT/AIX system administrators.

Since you cannot modify a SPOT while a node is using it, you have basically two options.

In this case we create a new x CAT osimage definition with a new set of resources by running the x CAT mknimimage command with the source for the new resources.

This is the same way you created the original x CAT osimage definition for the node.

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For these reasons the procedure described in this "How-To" will focus on creating a new image and rebooting the nodes with that image.

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