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On the PSP console, the XMB had top level icons for Photos, Music, Videos, Games, Networking (which allows the use of the web browser), Settings and Extras. With the PSP, using the Home button while playing music would allow users to browse photos without stopping the music.

Opera Mini can also be used on PSP through PSPKVM, a homebrew application which is a Sun Java Virtual Machine.

Parents can limit content by enabling Browser Start Up Control which blocks all access to the web browser and creating a 4-digit PIN under [Settings] in [Security].

Additionally, the browser can be configured to run under a proxy server and can be protected by the security PIN to enable the use of web filtering or monitoring software through a network.

fixes all of the bugs used in the Trinity Exploit chain blocking those who update from using it.

Needless to say, it's advisable NOT to update as most Play Station Vita sceners got a PS Vita or Play Station TV to do fun stuff like jailbreaking, running exploits and homebrew on the handheld console while this revision patches the holes preventing such things as detailed in The Flo W's Security Blog.

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It was claimed to provide much faster loading times than the default browser and provides better web page compatibility.

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