Updating ford sync

Posted by / 23-Oct-2019 12:26

As today’s technology keeps evolving, so does the software that operates it.

If you own a Ford model with the SYNC® 3 system, you’ll find that it’ll ask you to update the system every now and then.

While those with an Android phone will be able to update the SYNC 3 software and get going with Android Auto straight away, the 2016 Fords will need a USB hub upgrade in order to play nicely with Car Play on the i Phone. Although automakers like Tesla have made dashboard updates more commonplace, it’s still fairly unusual in the auto industry as a whole to see older cars get major updates of this sort.

Anyone can encounter annoying mistakes in route planning that are often thought to be the fault of the navigation system.

Actually, the most common reason for errors in route calculation is due to the outdated maps.

It’s important that you make these updates, since a lot of stability and bug fixes come with them to help your system run more smoothly.

Luckily, Ford made it super easy and simple for you to update your SYNC® 3 either via USB or Wi-Fi.

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Not only the road network changes, but also the database of available places of interest (POI).