Updating a mb chipset driver dating groups in central mn

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Updating a mb chipset driver

If you are having a problem with a particular device, you can quickly upgrade to a newer version by opening Device Manager, right-clicking on the device, and choosing Update Driver Software.

The problem is that it's not updating to anything higher than 17.12 which I already have. I don't even know where to look to see what chipset is installed!! This is a scenario in which you’ll want to update these drivers: When you’re having problems with a device, it can be very helpful to know what version of the driver you’re using, especially if you’re posting on a forum, or reading a thread somewhere about a problem that was fixed in a particular driver update.To check the driver version, just open up Device Manager using the Start Menu search box, find the driver in the list, right-click and choose Properties.Just like computer programs have updates and service packs to fix bugs and add features, drivers do as well.If you’ve got a problem with a device, you should think about upgrading the drivers.

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Essentially, if you’ve got an AMD/ATI or NVidia video card, and you’re using the built-in Windows drivers, that’s a great time to When you first get a new PC, reload Windows on an old PC, or build a new PC, you’re going to want to make sure that you are using the correct drivers.

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