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Updating a deployment share mdt

Using selection profiles allows you to create deployment shares servicing certain scenarios.

You can, for example, create a deployment share only suitable for installing servers within your organization and place that deployment share in your server VLAN.

You can also use a Location file, which you should include as an extra file in your boot image (which will be included during boot image creation, ending up in the \Deploy\ Control folder).

This XML file specifies the available MDT shares within your organization.

Using Linked Deployment Shares to Distinguish between Test and Production Linked deployment shares in combination with selection profiles can help you distinguish between your MDT test environment and the MDT environment that you want to make available for mass deployment.

If you receive a new hardware device, you can test the driver installation in your MDT test environment and later include the drivers and applications in your MDT production selection profile.

The target deployment share server doesn't need to have the WAIK and MDT installed.

Having no Deploy Root property in your will be detected by the MDT scripts which will prompt the user to provide the details for the server to connect to.MDT will then provide the user with a selection screen.Adding Extra Files to Your Boot Image You can add extra files and folders to your boot image by specifying a custom folder to include when boot image creation takes place.An example is provided in Listing below, where for each gateway another deployment server is defined.Sample using the Default Gateway variable to determine the MDT server When you don't use WDS as a mechanism to boot your MDT boot images, you can still have multiple replicated MDT shares.

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DFS-R uses Remote Differential Compression (RDC) as a compression algorithm so that only changed file blocks are replicated instead of the entire file.

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