Tv show about sisters dating mother

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Tv show about sisters dating mother

Well, we all know about the show ‘Braxton Family Values’.

The show debuted on May 11, 1991 for a seven-episode test run and was subsequently renewed for the 1991 fall schedule.

One year after her husband's death, Beatrice has reluctantly sold the family home to move into a seniors' condominium building.

Depressed, Beatrice relapses on alcohol and is arrested for driving under the influence.

Georgie's son Evan is diagnosed with leukemia, and Teddy decides to stay in Winnetka.

Georgie attempts to balance her needs with Evan's during his treatment.

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Their recently deceased father, Thomas Reed, a doctor, had been absent and a workaholic, while their long-suffering mother, Beatrice, turned to alcoholism to cope with his neglect and affairs.

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