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Trvst dating

Thomas Jefferson remains on the coin's obverse, but in a completely new portrait unlike anything ever seen previously on a US coin.

His face, in closeup and facing right, covers most of the left side of the coin, peering out into the distance.

The center coin shows distinct markings, resembling an extra leaf, between the large leaf and the block of cheese.

Because of the location of these markings, this variety is called "Extra Leaf Low." On the right, the coin also shows a curved marking to the left of the corn husk; this variety is called "Extra Leaf High." These coins are not mere striking errors.

For now, they represent a chance to find a scarce coin in your pocket change.

Westward Journey Nickels After an uninterrupted run of 65 years, there are changes in the works for the nickel.

The motto "In God We Trust" remains on the obverse above the inscription "Liberty" in script resembling Jefferson's own handwriting.

These coins are very common, available everywhere D-mint quarters circulate, and worth only their face value.

Both coins' obverses feature the familiar portrait of Thomas Jefferson.

The Peace Medal coin, released in early 2004, has a reverse derived from the original Indian Peace Medal given out by Lewis and Clark during their explorations to Native American chiefs.

Although the bison last appeared on a circulating coin with the 1938-D nickel, several commemoratives since that time have featured renditions of the beast on one side.

Now, the "American Bison" nickel combines new renditions of the familiar imagery of the two most recent types of nickels to commemorate the importance of the bison to the many Native American cultures encountered by Lewis and Clark during their journeys.

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In 20, special circulating commemoratives known as the Westward Journey Nickel Series were released to commemorate the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase and eventually the North American continent.