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The dating game hollywood squares the

were among the most successful game shows on TV (as well as a steady source of employment for a slew of C-list celebrities).

So back in 1983, when NBC decided to combine the two programs into one — called, what else, later this month.

“Nashville Squares” hails from Jesse Collins Entertainment, the same production company behind “Hip Hop Squares” (pictured below).Merrill Heatter/Bob Quigley Productions (1966–1981)Century Towers Productions (1986–1989)Moffitt-Lee Productions/One Ho Productions (1998–2002)Henry Winkler-Michael Levitt Productions (2002–2004)Columbia Tri Star Television/Sony Pictures Television (1998–2004) Here's Peter Marshall's way of explaining Hollywood Squares: "The object of the players is to get three stars in a row either across, up & down or diagonally.It is up to them to figure out if a star is giving a correct answer or making one up; that's how they get the squares." Here's how John Davidson explains the Game: "The object of the game is to simply win Tic Tac Toe, three squares across, down, or diagonally, or acquire as many squares as you can." Here's what it meant: The object of the game was to get tic-tac-toe.On both shows, contestants rely on celebrity help to win money playing a giant tic-tac-toe game.Also Read: ' Wife Swap' Revival Moves From CMT to Paramount Network Ahead of Premiere As evidenced by this order and other recent moves, CMT is really leaning into the whole Nashville, Tennessee scene.

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