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Terrorist dating site

Hamas's total income from taxes, fees and duties, and from the businesses it runs – both directly and through straw men – is estimated at half a billion dollars. Main funding sources: drug production and drug trafficking, kidnapping and ransom, mining of minerals (especially gold), fees and taxes.

Conducting its business, Hamas uses various Mafia methods to maximize its income.

It is estimated that over the past year, various governments paid a total of approximately $ 125 million to release citizens kidnapped by the organization.

Today the Islamic State controls about a third of Iraq's territory and about a quarter of Syria, covering about 200 thousand square kilometers - more than half of the territory of Germany.

Hamas makes most of it money from a sophisticated tax system, aimed at, among other things, pocketing large portions of theaid that flows into Gaza.

For example, Hamas taxes money changers that convert foreign currency to shekels, and gains tens of millions by doing so.

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The organization also has extensive areas in the five most productive agricultural counties in Iraq, responsible for about 40% of the wheat and various kinds of grain in the country.