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It had two .30 or one .30 and one .50 caliber machine guns. Martin got into the action with its B-10 – the first all metal, mono-wing twin engine Bomber; Hap Arnold called it the air wonder of its day.It had many technical innovations – retractable landing gear, enclosed gun turrets, and carried 2,200 lbs of bombs!Pilots liked this plane because it could survive diving – without disintegrating – and was tough.Note the synchronized machine gun; earlier WWI models simply used metal plates to deflect bullets if the prop got in the way.This plane has impressive statistics: 180 horse power, top speed of 127 MPH, one .303 machine gun, 17,500 altitudes, and NO parachute!

The P-12E sported a 500 HP P&W radial engine, could ascend to 26,000 ft altitude, and cruised at 160 MPH.

Using a mini biplane whose wings were to fall off, several were built but none saw combat – but it was an innovation well ahead of its time.

It had a range of 75 miles, and was intended to deliver 180 lbs of high explosives.

The jaw dropping tour was quick, but the comments and memories invoked by Dr. Below is a summary of the “Top Ten” exhibits we visited.

Also included is a short article on the famous “Doolittle Raid” contributed by one of the tour attendees, who happens to be a Board member of the AMTA organization. Kent based his comments on a compilation of facts and ideas from his own reading, research, as well as on details provided on the National Museum of the United States Air Force website (

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