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“Every time any of us listen to a song or watch a movie made by an accused serial predator, you have to gave a dollar to charity that helps sexual assault survivors.

Clinton transformed into a pot smoking hippy, while Bush Sr.

Crooks Watch The News was a sketch where, as the title implies, a bunch of crooks watched the news to see if they got away with robbing a bank just moments before turning on the TV. Piscopo is also very present, but Murphy's absence allows us to see some other members of the cast that got a little less attention than he did.

Considering, I indoors liked Tools Chronicle The Methods because by the direction alone I was lasting the colossal speciality of old watching apache as they lived their probability only to me more become by the fine quotes about regretting dating someone these girls were stuck having to sit through the advanced local news mail.

But Joe Piscopo effectively becomes the star of the show. This goes on throughout the entire sketch until David Spade and Adam Sandler stepped in as even bigger bullies, at least when it comes to wordplay.

Zoraida The Page then returned to corner Joe Pesci on the way to his dressing room whereas always she confused the man with his fictional characters.

I hate to admit it, but this was the first show in quite a while where I actually struggled to commit to these three moments as my favorites from the night.

That said, the sketch did get to be its funniest during the last couple minutes where the non-speaking candidate would watch the current speaker and we got to see how he was pictured in their heads like in an old-school cartoon where a starving character would look at someone and only see food.

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Pesci has a great time being sexist with his Italian boys while being openly racist to Chris Rock who played the only black contestant and got threatened after every question he was asked even though he was being equally as sexual as the rest of the group.

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