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Side effects of dating

It’s so easy to be anyone you want online and enhance your strengths while diminishing traits you deem as unappealing in a matches eyes.

Sitting behind a computer screen gives people this sense of confidence and a mask where they get to project whatever they want so when you finally meet them in person they aren’t the same person you had such high hopes for.

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We may have to reel this gastronomic affair in a little and replace it with a lot more fooling around.

I decided to take a break from the regular ‘Tinder Tuesday’ posts of men’s profile picture fails and provide my thoughts on how apps like Tinder and other online dating sites have changed the face of dating for the modern single to something that I personally find really difficult to navigate and something that requires a lot of time and work.

I'm dating someone regularly now and noticing us already falling into a pattern of food worship.

I might as well resign myself to gaining a half a pound a date or three dress sizes by summer's end or, wait a second..may not work out after all.

I'm not sure if I'm willing to sacrifice my waistline with bikini season coming up and all.

With the ability to just keep swiping through thousands of singles or always wondering if tomorrow you’ll be matched with the perfect person, you do yourself and anyone you’ve started communicating with or had dates with a disservice.

You aren’t really putting the energy you would have otherwise into getting to know someone and seeing if they are someone you could foster a relationship with.

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With so many people to choose from, like at a buffet, you take a little bit of everything because you’re greedy and you don’t want to miss out.

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