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So once we started going to the skatepark she was, like, “You can do that whenever you want.” So since it was way better than any of the other options we just started hanging out there. It was kinda like after-school care, which was good for my mom at the time because she felt like it was safe for my brother and I to hang out there. They’d be off in the corner trying to do their own thing. Kids my age were acting wild and I was kinda shy so I’d go to the place that wasn’t crowded.

My mom would let us come home from school, clean the house, do chores and then do homework or go to the library. There’s, like, a pool, two bowls and a street/flow course. You have to pay so there’s nobody lurking there doing anything really dumb. I think she was super into it because she knew it was an outlet for us. And when she was younger she used to skate to get around, though she didn’t go to the park to try to do tricks or anything. I learned basic tricks at The Cove, but when I started skating the Vans park in Orange and saw people skating the Combi I was, like, “I want to do that.”So you were a teenage girl but skating pools and bowls you ended skating with a lot of grown men. I think even at my home park I ended up skating with a lot of older guys. I’d ask them about tricks that I was trying to figure out and everyone was nice to me.

Actually she told me, “Help me drop in.” It’s just a matter of figuring it out. I’ll just do this thing for real.” I wanted that; I just didn’t see it. I’m influenced by that rather than watching other stuff. Everyone gets along and they’re all insane and they’re all a mess but they’re all very lovable. So you’re getting farted on and beer spilled on you? Oh yeah, it was completely different but I know that they make it better for me. I’m not trying to go to the bathroom in the back of the van like all of them. Is there anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable putting your name on or putting skateboarding’s name on?

I was skating but it wasn’t the kind of thing where I’d be, like, “Oh yeah. When I started skating with them and knowing them as people I definitely looked up to them, but I didn’t research them or anything. I know I’m in a special place where I get to see people skate firsthand and the people I get to skate with are the best in the world. So you ride for Birdhouse and you’re not just some token vert rider off on the side; you get to go on the trips and everything. It’s, like, they’re up here and putting myself up next to them is like, no. ‘Cause that’s very different from being at the contest and going back to the La Quinta. They even take advantage of that, like, they want to stop somewhere so they’ll be, like, “Yeah, Lizzie has to take a shit.” They’ll use me as an excuse to stop. On last year, Clint was made out to be kind of a villain. I know you just did a Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes commercial.

But later on I took her to a contest and once she saw it in person I think she understood. So was it normal for you to start doing handplants and airs? I just liked carving around and being at the park and messing around and being a kid. I got to go to Australia and miss a week of school and she didn’t care.

And so I was, like, “I don’t have a happy place; I’m gonna freak out! If people could never ask me if I could kickflip again that would be nice.

It was weird ‘cause it was one of the hardest slams I’ve taken but breaking your teeth doesn’t really hurt that much. And then I was trying to go to my happy place and so I’m thinking about the Combi but then I fell in the Combi and that’s where I ruined my face. Then you can answer it here and you’ll never have to ask it again.

Everyone should be told “good job” when they’re doing good once in awhile.

I was skating Combi and in the square side on the wall with the peninsula I aired out too far and when I went to bail I fell and I compressed too much and I tapped my teeth and they were gone.

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Sounds fun.” Then after that contest is when I decided I wanted to pursue this besides just skating. So what you’re saying is it gets heated in those girls’ contests? I used to really be into , which is an online game with really shitty graphics, it’s like a roll-playing Medieval-times themed game. Before you could post whatever and it didn’t matter. People can be totally lame and I don’t think that’s good for you. Are there creeps coming out of the woodwork constantly? I’m sure if I search my messages, there’s a ton of dumb messages. My manager doesn’t know my password and post stuff. There’s been people I’ve been nice to and they think we’re friends, just ‘cause I was nice to them at face value. That gets back to my social media, about turning the notifications off. I don’t want to see a photo of myself where I look constipated. There’s definitely times where I don’t want to skate or I’m not really feeling it. ‘Cause most of the time it’s going to skate vert and you can see his wheels turning trying to figure it out.

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