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After years of big city life, full to the brim with career advancement, a diverse social calendar littered with loyal friends/adopted family, and the kind of casual physical achievement that comes with a body full of energy and athleticism (none of which I fully appreciated BTW – urban perfectionism runs deep) … On a sweltering August Monday, I recall coming down with a fever so severe that I suddenly realized I couldn’t swallow, or think, or move without bone-crushing pain.Two hours later I was writhing on the floor of my apartment, moaning and delirious, where my significant other apparently found me.The next thing I remember it was seven months later, in a cold white office, and I was getting diagnosed with a life-threatening neuro-immune disease.Apparently, it was genetic, but needed a trigger to manifest – that trigger was likely working 80-hour weeks and pushing myself to my limit in all aspects of my life for basically my entire adulthood.But here, in the stillness that is ever moving, it’s like that life never existed. Now, because of my disability, I have to use a walker or a cane, and I am always on the brink of utter exhaustion. Where once I traveled the world, and always had people around me, now I can’t walk more than 100 feet without burning out.I go months sometimes without seeing another person, much less a gay one.And on a very quiet, dark and mosquito-filled night, dare I even say I miss some of the drama? I suppose I could sell this place and leave here for something akin to my old life, but I am not well enough to sustain a relationship, or a normal job. We lie in side-by-side hammocks holding hands, whispering to each other while we watch the shooting stars that mark nearly every night.

There are nurse sharks, and peregrine falcons, and black cormorants, and iguanas, and scorpions galore. I eat flower salad on the daily (made entirely of edible flowers), with fresh coconut or lime or banana or tropical cherries I planted myself in the yard.I chose to spend what days I had left enjoying the sunset over the water, and growing most of my own food and medicine in a real yard, in a small town just on the southern outskirts of the enormous preserve. Instead, toiling under the feverish sun and swarms of mosquitoes in gray clouds against the sky, I flourished.All of this felt like such a luxury, after a grueling schedule amid cold concrete, endless winter darkness, and absolutely zero privacy. Part of it was sad, but part of it was just enormously freeing. I worked hard to study old resources and learn the ways of ancient local plant medicine, in as much as I could find.Now I was told my own immune system was attacking my brain, and in turn all the other organs in my body were failing.The brain inflammation causes dementia, infections, and an endless list of symptoms and co-morbidities.

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