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Chat/Text conversations provide personalized guidance based on each user’s questions and needs, and relies on an evidence-based protocol rooted in behavioral science to help users create a plan to take the next steps to improve their health.Today’s study found that the mode used to access the program (text, desktop chat, or mobile chat) didn’t affect users’ intention to act on the plan they made, and that all the modes are useful in helping young people get the care they need.And ideally, that's about all they should be involved in if you date someone long-term.

It makes sense that you'd want to send a confusing text straight to the group chat – you instantly have all of the receipts and none of the "well, you had to be there" nuances. Theresa Di Donato, Associate Professor of Psychology at Loyola University explains: When you screenshot a text, “you have the ability to replicate the conversation [you] just had, so your friends can see exactly, word for word, the chat that just took place between you and your partner.”At first, this seems foolproof.I preserved conversations from each and every one of these men and sent them to my group chats, cueing the endless jokes, swapping of stories, and advice, sometimes solicited, sometimes not.The solace, as a single person, was that no matter how spectacularly awful a first date was, it could at least become a delightful horror story to light up my friends' phones. I had no idea what dating outside of my group chat's constant approval was actually like. Obviously, roasting genuinely awful men with your closest friends is one of the greatest joys in life."People tend to be most satisfied with a decision when they have fewer options i.e., less decision regret, less decision uncertainty," says Di Donato. It takes a really great friend (or few friends) to view the situation clearly so you don't accidentally blow it with a great person because you think their ellipses is loaded with hidden meanings.If you're already unsure about if you like a guy or not, crowdsourcing all your BFFs' opinions will probably not help you. “Choosing those friends wisely is important if you’re thinking of disclosing something that could change their impressions of your partner or you, or your relationship,” says Dr. Ultimately, your true best friends should and will be there for you when you legitimately feel stuck in a relationship and need addvice.

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It feels great to hear your friends say ‘Oh, such a great guy!

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