Search husband on dating sites

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Search husband on dating sites

Garrowismylaw - I know I shouldn't have snooped but I had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right.Last night (can't remember what time) I went downstairs cos I woke up having a panic attack so went downstairs to calm myself down and he was on his computer and pretty much ignored me.It's the going behind my back that is difficult and wondering if he is bored of me.I know he doesn't like my body (won't dare admit it).Please don't think it could be caused by you having a body that he 'doesn't like' though! If he's in his 50's I doubt he's any kind of eyecandy with his clobber off either!Wouldn't we all say we like slim, young, perky, whatever, in theory.My friends and I have looked at those kind of sites before - have any of us had affairs or been unfaithful? The internet makes everything so easy to access, and there's every chance he was just having a sneaky look - which isn't exactly honourable, I know, but doesn't make somebody a cheating moster either. He is bored of you so spends more and more time online with other women on dating sites, talking god knows what even though you hate it.

Men going on dating sites are doing so to interact in that "way" for rl people and are 99% of the time looking for extras, I would believe he had cheated if it were me. He may well not have been unfaithful in the physical sense.I'm size 14 with boobs ruined by breastfeeding - he likes young size 10, perky boobs etc.We've had our problems (he's been impotent for years and refused to go to doctors)but I have been sooooo patient.OP just found evidence of using the site on her H's history, so she doesn't know how often he's been on there, and she doesn't know if he's done anything other than look.If my DH was regularly spending time on those kinds of sites I wouldn't like it either, and would expect him to stop. He is in his early 50s and I'm in my late 30s and he has definately been going through a mid-life crisis - we've even laughed about it.

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He has gone to doctors lately and I thtought we were sorting stuff out...

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