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Schizophrenia dating

Schizophrenia really makes me feel isolated at times and not wanting to to face the common question"so what do you do for a living"?I am gentle, caring and a senstive soul, however I have fears about having to break the news to a girlfriend about my condition, or her finding out before I feel ready to tell her.Alot of people are scared of the word schizophrenia and naturally want to build some trust before revealing my condition.I'd like to hear from anyone that feels the burden of schizophrenia and perhaps any advice in the dating area.Hi Guys, I have an issue with my condition:schizophrenia and dating.I am 26 and have had the odd fling here and there, but due to my illness I haven't had any real long term relationships.

I am now married, a father of three, working, and studying.Sometimes things can be tough, but there is light outside the cave of marginalisation, alienation, isolation, bla bla bla.If I begin a conversation and it seems to skirt around the issue of my condition, I jump right in.We all know the old stereotype of schizophrenia being split personality. 'Look on the bright side babe, you get to have a threesome with none of the stigma, I won't tell if you don't' Wow, I really applaud your ability to be so open despite all of these terrible stigmas. My grandmother suffered from schizophrenia and was not able to come to grips with it. Like the illness itself isn't painful enough, we are truly afraid to divulge our illnesses. Ask her if she has any questions and after that it shouldn't be an issue.Mad Hatter, I know what you mean about the dreaded question "so what do you do for a living" I deal with that in almost every social situation. If she isn't cool with it, well then give her the old boot .

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