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Quotes dating your best friend

We have been dating for about a year and ten months, and I have never felt so in love with someone my whole life.

We already knew how to make each other happy and it’s the best feeling knowing that you can trust someone with your secrets.

That’s where it all began…Our families have been friends since that moment.

We continuously hung out and had mutual friends with whom we’d spend our summers with.

Movies and TV shows we love have long documented BFF-ships, from the serious to the silly.

And knowing that if you ever have to spend the night in prison by happenstance, they will be your one phone call.

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You will find some cute best friend quotes, some funny best friend quotes, and possibly some friendship quotes that make you cry. I have also compiled some of my favorite inspirational quotes and my favorite motivational quotes. Lewis It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. What it feels like to have a friend stick up for you in a crowd, to hold you a spot at the lunch table, and to tell you when you have something stuck in your braces.

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