Phone conversations when dating

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Over the years, Livelinks has become a dating hot spot where there’s almost always someone to have a conversation with. Instead of connecting people to information via an answering service, they thought, why not connect people to people?Today, callers in Canada and the US benefit from a low-pressure and localized call-in system designed to quickly introduce people on the phone.“We’re always adding features and making the dating experience more robust,” said Scott Eagleson, Senior Producer at Teligence, which runs Livelinks from offices in Vancouver.“You can use Livelinks to zero in on people who are most interesting to you.” Connecting with a potential date via Livelinks takes only a few minutes.When you’re satisfied with your recording, you can then start hearing the greetings of guys or gals in your area.As soon as someone catches your ear, so to speak, you can press a button to send a private message or request a direct line to that person.It’s totally up to you how you want to present yourself to potential dates.

“That’s a nice feature of phone dating.” Calling up potential dates is an outside-the-box dating strategy that keeps everyone feeling safe and confident.You can’t tell that about a person via text, and so online dating inadvertently set me up for an unpleasant surprise.The way a person talks isn’t the same as the way a person types.If you like someone, you can send a private voicemail or request a live connection with the press of a button.Livelinks offers people a fast way to start chatting in real time, so it’s easy to make friends, arrange dates, or just have an enjoyable conversation with someone.

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