Parenting teenage girls dating older boys updating psp m33 firmware

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But otherwise, you are entering a new territory where you have an adult living at your house who really is entitled to her own ideas about who she sees, and when and how often.Not to say you can't have house rules - you can and you should.It sounds like your daughter is being responsible in terms of explaining the rules to the boyfriend.

My son is only 14 months, so you can take a lot of the parenting stuff I have to offer with a grain of salt.We believe he has given little time to attending class or doing homework.(Grades don't come out until January.) We've always insisted that if school isn't for him, that's fine, but then he needs to fly out of the nest and both experience real life and earn his own way.We just don't think he will appreciate school until he has a taste of how difficult life will be without an education.We are considering charging him 0 a month for room and board as long as he's not in school.

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We would give him six months to save enough money to move out would insist he do so.

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