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Nj law on dating minors

MINORS/CHILD LABORAt what age does a minor need an employment certificate?What is the procedure for obtaining the working paper?Does a minor need new working papers every time he/she changes a job? PAYROLL DEDUCTIONSAm I required giving employees a statement of deductions?May I make a deduction from an employee's wages for shortages or breakage?

If an employee wants to work overtime (in excess of 40 hours in the workweek) and will accept straight time, can the employee waive the right to overtime pay?

Can I make deductions or require an employee to pay for a license, certificate or certification that is required in order for the employee to perform the job?

FREQUENCY OF PAYMENT & METHOD OF PAYMENTHow often must an employee be paid?

Am I allowed to discontinue providing medical benefits? There is a two (2) year statute of limitations on claims for unpaid minimum wage and overtime.

BREAK PERIODSAm I required to give employees breaks or lunches? Is there a statute of limitations for filing a wage claim? All other claims have a six (6) year statute of limitations. Can a bona fide independent contractor, file a wage claim? Independent contractors are not covered by the NJ Division of Wage and Hour Compliance. The complainant is sent an acknowledgment letter and the claim is reviewed by a supervisor. After we complete the investigation, you will be notified of the results.

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SNOW DAYS / STATE OF EMERGENCYAre employers required to pay employees when they are unable to work due to a declared state of emergency? Any fees or penalties that are assessed must be sent directly to the Division. What happens if I disagree with the results of the investigation? Part of the Assessment Letter provides an opportunity for you to respond and request a conference.

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