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The official death toll recorded by the Dutch authorities was 36,417.

Verbeek and others believe that the final major Krakatoa eruption was a lateral blast, or pyroclastic surge (similar to the catastrophic 1980 eruption of Mount St. Around noon on 27 August 1883, a rain of hot ash fell around Ketimbang (now Katibung in Lampung Province) in Sumatra.

On 24 June, a prevailing east wind cleared the cloud, and two ash columns could be seen issuing from Krakatoa.

At least 36,417 deaths are attributed to the eruption and the tsunamis it created.that if anybody were to stand 10 miles (16 kilometres) away from the volcano's eruption, they would have gone deaf.Each explosion was accompanied by tsunamis estimated to have been over 30 meters (98 feet) high in places.The combination of pyroclastic flows, volcanic ash, and tsunamis associated with the Krakatoa eruptions had disastrous regional consequences.Some land in Banten, approximately 90 km south, was never repopulated; it reverted to jungle and is now the Ujung Kulon National Park.

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He noted three major ash columns (the newer from Danan), which obscured the western part of the island, and steam plumes from at least eleven other vents, mostly between Danan and Rakata. At about pm on 26 August, the volcano went into its paroxysmal phase.

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