My secretary is very accomidating

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My secretary is very accomidating

The best part of the job is the interactions with the individuals. A typical day at work consists of at least 2 hours of office time doing various tasks on the computer in Microsoft.Management has an open door policy to discuss any concerns and some of the co-workers are very dedicated to providing world class service to our individuals.The hardest part of the job is sometimes dealing with management from within another department of the agency that does not have full understanding of what my department does.The most enjoyable part of my job would be assisting my individuals with obtaining/achieving their goals and the joy it brings with each accomplishment.Advice to Management The schedule is the biggest issue with most units.There needs to be specialized training or something similar for people who are designated with the task of being in charge of the unit schedule.Work days were long depending on who you worked with.I learned to have more patients and how strong willed the individuals were to continue to be somewhat independent.

The most enjoyable part of my job is being able to work with people who have developmental and mental disabilities and being able to help them achieve goals they've set out for themselves.always busy bringing in new hires to complete paperwork, lots of applications to process and other paperwork run errands , work the front desk schedule appointments for back ground checks and physicals.The manager of the house i work in is very accomidating and tries to get you what you ask for the best he can. Being a manager at CDS Monarch can be challenging and sometimes rewarding. I learned many skills on how to be a successful business manager. Hardest part of the job was staffing the home with reliable employees.My co workers are ok, I tend to do the task at hand to the best of my ability. The most enjoyable part of the job is working closer with my clients and keeping them happy.The managers are all back stabbing and promoted from within so there is never a way to transfer and get away from that kind of nonsense.Cons Disgruntled employees; Very little respect, consideration for co-workers Employees are condescending to one another Lack of support form colleagues Dissension amongst the ranks Budgeted, Lay offs, Overworked Cons Horrible management! Micromanaging and retaliation when you try to make things work like an adult.

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A typical day at work consists of working with individuals and staff.