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Kids dealing with parents dating

Is it easier to date someone else who also has kids—someone who will “get it” when you can’t be spontaneous or flexible with your schedule?

Or is it easier to date someone who doesn’t have kids whose schedule is wide open and can more easily work around yours? “It's on my profile because it's a huge part of my life.

I can’t dive in head over heels with someone, staring directly into their eyes unblinkingly for three months straight while reveling in the feeling of a new love anymore.

I am on full-time mom duty every other week and the time away from any potential prospects has given me time to look at things a little more honestly and realistically.” —Annie, 30, Moscow, IDWhat are some logistical concerns about dating with kids? It’s difficult being a single mother and getting everything done in my life and doing it well—let alone finding time to regularly make commitments with another person. I don’t have a ton of financial resources, so I struggle to pay for sitters and the clothes and getting my hair done regularly.” —Ivy, 38, Charleston, SC“If a woman I'm dating comes over, it has to be post-bedtime.

There are a lot of tough questions with no good answers.Also, scheduling trips is hard and that's an important thing for relationships in my opinion.I'm also just fucking tired as shit a lot.” —Adam, 34, Atlanta, GA“My kids live with me 24/7—there’s no kid-free weekends or anything like that.Reassuring my kid that she’ll always be the priority.” —Susan, 57, Phoenix, AZWhen do you introduce someone to your kids?And what makes you decide that it’s okay to introduce them? Stability, how they take care of themselves, how quick they are to anger, how they treat service workers, and whether they smoke or not (instant deal-breaker) all became really important once I became a single, full-time parent.” —Matthew, 45, Huntington Beach, CADo you usually date people who have kids or who don’t have kids?

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My first obligation as a parent is to protect my children; I have to at least listen to them to be able to do that.” —Andrea, 44, Dallas, TX“Not necessarily. That seems to be a hard thing for those without children to get past.” —Hannah, 43, Dayton, OH“I’ve dated both, and while I think you can certainly have a good relationship with someone who hasn’t had kids, dating someone with kids provides a really solid base for frame of reference, and shared experiences.