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Among these actions were the cancellation of the state's paid Martin Luther King Jr.

Day and creating an unpaid King holiday on a Sunday, attributing high divorce rates to working women, and his defense of the word "pickaninny" in describing African American children.

A sizable portion of the state's retired population joined this core support with Mecham's promises of tax cuts.

Because of Arizona's substantial transient population—only about half of the registered voters in 1986 were living in the state in 1980—Mecham's record of previous attempts to gain elected office was not widely known by the voters.

This testimony was in response to a bill sponsored by U. Senator Carl Hayden that provided partial immunity from the Sherman Antitrust Act, allowing an economically healthy newspaper and one that was failing to form a joint venture combining advertising, printing, and distribution operations while maintaining separate reporting and editorial functions.

While supporters of the bill claimed it would prevent newspaper failures, Mecham opposed the bill claiming "The major reason that this bill has been presented is because of the power of the press over the decisions of voters at the polls, and the desire of politicians to court the favor of those who control these monopolistic presses." He also added that "the tools of monopoly are in the common advertising and the common circulation department." Mecham first sought elected office in 1952, while still living in Ajo, with an unsuccessful run for the Arizona House of Representatives.

Another staff member, Donna Carlson, reported that Mecham believed he had obtained office by divine right and was thus not overly concerned about the feelings of others.

Mecham enrolled at Arizona State College (now Arizona State University) in 1947 and majored in management and economics.

While Governor, Mecham became known for statements and actions that were widely perceived as insensitive to minorities.

-kəm; May 12, 1924 – February 21, 2008) was an American businessman and the 17th governor of Arizona, serving from January 5, 1987, until his impeachment conviction on April 4, 1988.

A decorated veteran of World War II, Mecham was a successful automotive dealership owner and occasional newspaper publisher.

The Democratic Party had selected the state Superintendent of Public Education, Carolyn Warner, as its candidate.

Dissatisfaction among the state's business and political leadership with both candidates allowed Bill Schulz, a real estate developer and Democrat who had withdrawn from the Democratic primary because of a family illness, to obtain enough petition signatures to run as an independent candidate. Goldwater was slow to endorse Mecham in this race, but did so officially at a dinner in Lake Havasu City.

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One of his papers, the Evening American, was printed as a Phoenix daily with maximum circulation of 27,000 before becoming a weekly journal.

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