Intimidating police

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Intimidating police

“I know what cops look like,” Chambers shouted back. “The mom stood firm against the cop,” the lawyer said.

“They had guns, there were handcuffs, and the police radio was on.” A nurse told the mom, “Don’t be intimidated. Chambers went ahead with the medical exam and rape kit.

[contextly_sidebar id=”n V9E2gq JO7ZM5o Gk Yd WPcp8SUzt4ru BT”]In the video, the MP was seen pointing a finger at an officer.

The video has attracted several comments on social media with many calling for the Member of Parliament to be called to order and even arrested over his conduct.

15 around p.m., hours after the alleged rape and sexual assault, the lawyer said. At one point, the cop allegedly turned to Chambers and insisted, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” The cop was among about nine officers from the 60th Precinct to show up at the hospital, which had reported the allegation to police, David said.When I posted this pic on my fb page, I received a nice little ‘note’ from my commander’s commander, who got his note from HQ, telling me that they weren’t ordering me to remove it, but basically, (in not so many words), ‘… Examples: Our department started putting the year of our graduation on a little rocker underneath our name tags. That being said, things can be taken a bit too far.But the police in a statement a day after the incident indicated that Kennedy Agyapong does not have “the authority to cause the dismissal of a Police Officer without lawful justification and due process.” The police explained in the statement that, its attention was drawn to the fact that Kennedy Agyapong was seen and heard intimidating a police officer during the student demonstration on the North campus of the University of Education, Winneba.The Police said the incident has been corroborated by an eyewitness who confirmed that Kennedy Agyapong “in an aggressive mood” told a serving officer that he will make sure that he is dismissed for unknown reasons.“The Police Administration has also taken note of the fact that the Central Regional Police Commander who was at the spot instantly told Kennedy Agyapong he had no powers to dismiss any Police Officer performing his or her lawful duties,” the statement noted.

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A group of NYPD cops showed up at the hospital where an 18-year-old woman was seeking treatment after allegedly being raped by two Brooklyn detectives, in a bid to bully her out of bringing sex assault charges, her lawyer claims.