Intimidating parents children

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And teaching as a profession, in particular, has seen a marked decrease in respect by society.

Student respect for teachers has diminished over the last few decades.

If after discussing the situation with the teacher it is still necessary to speak to the senior staff, do that.

File formal complaints if appropriate and necessary.

Here are some ways that parents used their personal power to intimidate teachers to do things their way.

These are the parents that run to the district over-seer or even the media when they take issue with a teacher or a school.

However, he cautions that they cause the most long-term damage.

While these statistics are from American reports, South Africa is in a similar situation.

Keep in mind that you would want the chance to clear up any misunderstanding that you might be involved in.

Give the teacher a chance to do this before going to the principal.

They make volunteering unpleasant for everyone else because of their know-it-all attitude.

Most people find it unappealing to work with this type of parent.

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Schedule a meeting with the teacher before talking to the principal.