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If you like badass baby names or you want to choose a badass name for your newborn baby, try checking the list below; you may find amazing options. Declan: name of an Irish Saint meaning man of prayer; full of goodness.

Hurricane: meaning a storm, but it’s also a baby name, thanks to rising tennis star Hurricane Black. Jezebel: meaning impure and wicked You Might Also Like: Cool Superhero Names For Girls 76. Badass baby names carry a cool, macho image that works for either gender.These badass names, such as Ace and Axel, suggest the person who rides a motorcycle and sings in a rock band, who can carry a hikers' pack but would never carry a briefcase. Neo: meaning new Read Also: Beautiful Gaelic Names For Girls And Boys 51. Arcadia: meaning Pastoral simplicity and happiness 56.

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Giving your little one a badass name does not imply that he will grow into an evil kid.

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