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The opposite of the Uniformitarian’s view is the Catastrophists theory, which states that a, or multiple catastrophes, have stirred up the earth and its geologic layers to create unpredictable timescales throughout settled sediment columns of the earth.

This theory and model, we will see, fits the evidence much more thoroughly.

The “Fossil Record” according to Evolutionists This “Fossil Record” directly correlating to the “Geologic Column” or “Geologic Time Columns”, as supposed to represent the ‘ages’ of the earth – starting with the most recent age closest to the surface, and as you move down through the strata layers of rocks and fossils – more ancient ages are supposed to be represented.

Uniformitarianists & Catastrophists Evolutionary Geologists believe that the earth has only a certain measurement of dust that accumulated per year, over time creating all the strata columns we see today in sedimentary layers.

Creationist have a hard time believing this for the following reasons: 1.) First, no evidence for a ‘complete line’ of transitional fossils have ever been found for any species.

To transcend from one species to another you would literally need to have hundreds of thousands of fossils completing a series from one small transformation to another.

Petrification occurs through a process called per-mineralization, which typically happens when an organic substance absorbs water or a soluble liquid with a high mineral concentration, which some of the substances internal structure is then replaced by the minerals.

Similarities in the Species If you found a fossil in any layer of the earths strata, by examination alone you wouldn’t know if it had any descendants or if it produced different kinds of descendants.There is a circulating argument between creationists and evolutionists debating over the existence of transitional fossils.Evolutionist claim ” transitional fossils DO exist,” and Creationist claim ” they DO NOT.” The only thing people can do with this situation, as in every situation, is to study the evidence for themselves and make up their own mind what they choose to believe. Paleontologists and researchers find fossils of different species within different geologic columns.Fossils are not found in precession, so evolutionists continually make adjustments to their findings.Such as when species of one layer are without any connection to the species of a preceding layer.

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“Origin” of the Fossil Record In the early 1800’s, each rock layer was given a name (i.e. This concept was thought valid by evolutionists, which therefore (without true evidence) was organized and placed in ‘textbooks’, and generally accepted by both scientists and people in general societyl!

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