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Note that sharing a title with a character doesn't mean you're necessarily identical to that character; you're simply likely to respond similarly in certain situations.Some of the outfits are wrong and I'll probably update those someday maybe.It seems that you get better results if you come up with an answer to the question before looking at the choices. The descriptions you receive for them are a bit less canonical, however, due to the lack of information about many of them.

(Vriska) was born from a livejournal submission in 2011 claiming Eridan's character arc was an allegory to Obama's administration, comparing each character he interacted to a real-life entity but Vriska, just calling her "Vriska (Vriska)".

Numerous other such pages have been produced, both with Dave and with other characters such as Aradia.

has begun to receive similar treatment, as has Karkat's face.

It is possible that this is derived from the "& Knuckles" meme.

of Homestuck with John and/or his bedroom replaced with something else, sometimes the same thing, and the caption altered accordingly.

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God tier images used are credit to Andrew Hussie and zynchilada, with the exception of the Lord/Muse images which were made by me.

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