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The history of drum manufacture in the UK in the C19th and C20th follows a similar pattern to that of the USA - with a few large manufacturers having a number of brands aimed at market segments, with a close matching of design to trends in popular entertainment.

Roughly we can see four periods: before WW1, between the two World Wars and then from 1945 to the late 1970s then from around 1980 onward.

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The general direction is from military and orchestral percusssion up till WW1, Dance Orchestras and Jazz Bands up to WW2 using often large drum and tuned percussion set ups, then big bands and smaller pop combos and the beat crazeup to 1970s with evolving but recognisable modern style drum sets, next from 1980 with increasingly more heavily engineered equipment for louder and louder music but domestic manufacture ending in the face of far eastern competition.

The British Empire - the largest yet in the history of the planet - provided an enormous export market for much of the C20th and led to a very large and successful manufacturing base where raw materials could be sourced in the commonwealth shipped in the huge merchant navy fleet for manufacture then export meant that a sufficiently large and diverse global market could support a number of manufacturers at its peak and fast changes in fashion drove demand for constantly changing products.

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