Game center not updating scores

Posted by / 21-Sep-2019 03:21

Finding these features are different in each game, but good places to look are in leaderboard and achievement areas under a Challenges tab.

Many Game Center-compatible games track your achievements and awards.

Many games support multiplayer games, head-to-head matchups, and challenges.

In Challenges, you invite your Game Center friends to beat your scores or achievements in a game.

Game Center Manager also takes care of the heavy lifting - checking internet availability, saving data when offline and uploading it when online, etc.

Because there's no way to add friends, be sure this is what you want before doing it.

In i OS 11 and later, screen recording is a built-in feature of i OS.

Even for games with the functionality built-in, the process varies.

To view these stats, find the leaderboard or achievements section of the app.

It's indicated with an icon that is associated with winning or stats such as a crown, trophy, or a button labeled Game Center in an options menu or in the stats and objectives menus.

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That approach changed with i OS 10 when Apple discontinued the Game Center app.