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As well as the standard links within articles themselves, every page has a link (typically at the side) called What links here.Grouping articles into a category is not the same as making a list of articles.More technical information can be found at Wikipedia: Categorization.Categories allow articles to be placed in one or more groups, and allow those groups to be further categorized.There are many fewer navigation templates than categories; only important topics have them.There is no requirement that a page be linked in a navigation template, whereas every page must belong to at least one category, and almost always more.This allows multiple categorization schemes to co-exist simultaneously.

Category: Wikipedia categories is the standard top-level category provided by the Media Wiki software, but orphan categories (categories without any parent categories) can exist.

There are two main ways to use categories: lists and topics.

When starting a subcategory, making an early decision about whether it is a list or a topic will reduce later renames, recategorizations, and discussions.

They are "called" (inserted) by placing the template name, within the braces, on a page on which that text is wanted.

A navigation template is a collection of links on a single topic, formatted in a standard way, in a box with a border.

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