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What is great about this solution is that even people with no technical background can have an immediate access to leads data collected by a bot.

Goals: Feedback is important, but we are all short of time.

With the form, reservation request and other lead-capturing triggers you will be able to easily create chatbots that will bring real, measurable value to your clients, offering complex solutions - with a couple of clicks.

All the Messenger users that engage with a chatbot are collected and recorded: you can access this data at any time, sending direct and broadcast messages to any specific user and even downloading all the collected data as a CSV file, useful for analytics and reporting To add even more engagement to a Facebook page you can send automatic replies on Messenger to users that add a comment to a post.

Create various stories for different customer needs and add bot responses containing product cards to encourage visitors to take a closer look and shop away.

They can take care of an entire booking process, from providing available dates, through updating your calendar to sending a confirmation e-mail. In a nutshell, webhooks let one app (like Chatbot) send and receive data from other apps and databases.

All you need to do is show up when your customer comes to see you. So for example, if you connect your chatbot to an external calendar, it will be able to provide accurate appointment dates for your customers and update the calendar if a booking was confirmed.

It shows data from all interactions where a bot didn’t understand what the user meant.

You can then assign any unmatched query to a specific interaction with just one click. Goals: Bots can go beyond handling a simple conversation.

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To make your life even easier we have created a set of ready-made “building blocks”, templates that you can use with the click of a button and add in any of your chatbots, immediately deploying triggers for restaurants, hotels, web agencies, professionals - and anything else we keep adding to the list. So new project could be just a matter of choosing one of your existing “masters”, cloning it, slightly customizing it - and collecting your check.

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