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During the evening before the wedding, the bridge will immerse herself into a mikveh, a ritual bath.For Orthodox Jews, the mikveh symbolizes spiritual rebirth, cleanliness and purity.On the Shabbat preceding the anticipated wedding day, the bride will celebrate her Shabbat Kallah, the bride's Shabbat, and the groom, his Shabbat Chattan, the groom's Shabbat.During these Shabbats, the to-be married couple will share meals with close friends and family, and the groom will be honored in synagogue with an aliyah, an ascent to the Torah while it is being read.Executive Jewish Dating Jewish weddings are festive, exuberant occasions.

If you have a question, on Orthodox Jewish Matters, and need an answer Please Email your questions, Chava will answer your questions with insight and wit.

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Jewish online dating services often have specialties, such as executive Jewish dating and Jewish senior singles.

On line Jewish dating has become incredible successful in the Orthodox Jewish world, and many of those who use such services also keep the many pre-wedding customs in the Jewish world.

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