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Does updating bios remove infection

However, as Ivan Arce of Core Security has pointed out, sophisticated BIOS malware may try to evade that check.

There are two ways to consistently prevent BIOS infection.

For enterprises that perform remote BIOS updates, configuring physical BIOS write-protection would be a big step backwards in terms of maintenance efficiency (although the effort involved in cleaning up after a BIOS infection might be greater).

Second, the emergence of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) standards and similar initiatives means that some new equipment supports hardware-based BIOS integrity checking.

Rudimentary BIOS attacks have been around for more than a decade.

BIOS code is stored compressed so that it takes up less space, and code must be decompressed before it runs.

The decompression routine is exactly the same in many different motherboards.

Back in 1999, the infamous Chernobyl virus, or CIH virus, decimated at least 700,000 systems worldwide.

The Chernobyl malware was designed to overwrite the hard drive and erase the flash BIOS for motherboards that use the Pentium 430TX chipset.

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This gives attackers a single snippet of code that they can target in order to compromise many different BIOSes. For the first time, researchers showed that BIOS-level malware can practically infect a wide variety of hardware.