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In the West, young people start dating and losing their virginity at around 14 years old, but for many in China it is 20 years old or even later, so first the starting point is already different.have already dated multiple girls, getting to know the minds and G-spots of women like the back of their hands, having experienced cohabitation, abortion, drugs, and promiscuity, whereas Chinese people during this time are still in school studying hard, warned by the teachers and parents against premature love [dating too soon].Chinese men usually give you the impression during the first few dates that they are stingy, not as high-class as will not keep treating you to meals, because they only have so much money, which they have to spend on many other different girls.Therefore, as soon as they get you, they will start saving money with you, to invite other girls to upscale restaurants.

can be very poor but they still have very high consumption, even surpassing how much they earn.Basically they are all girls who are capable of making money, from rich families, or at least are financially independent. An American guy married a Shanghai girl whose father owns a company; a French guy married a girl, and this girl owns three clothing stores herself; a German guy married a girl, and this girl’s father has a factory in Dongguan. No matter how many times you and him have gone out, he will not ask about your income, but he will secretly pay attention to the caliber of your clothes and other purchases, to discern if you have a relatively high income, or if your family is rich.who come to China, some are losers, which is to say they have no job, no house, not even a car, or even in debt in their own countries.My sister dated a Korean guy and my grandma freaked out about it.She literally asked my sister why she couldn’t find a nice black or white guy.

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The following is a translation of a popular 2012 post on major Chinese discussion forum Tianya that relates one Chinese man’s thoughts, findings, and advice on Chinese women dating foreign men, including the differences between Chinese and foreign men, especially when it comes to successfully picking up girls.

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