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Dhcp not updating reverse ptr record

I think I had trouble with DNS in the past when installing with AD, should perhaps it be installed BEFORE installing AD?I have DHCP set to "Enable DNS dynamic updates" but still no updating of PTR records is happening. In reverse lookup zone,subnet zone is not created automatically, it has to be created manually.Infoblox use for dynamic configuration of hosts (Windows clients) in our Windows environment customers are responsible for sending the RRset The DHCP and send the PTR, but the PTR type RRset is not being created by Infoblox. We have multiple hosts as of late that sucessfully pull a DHCP address and are domain machines that there is no A record being created for the host.So, I setup VMs in Azure, promoted a VM as an Active Directory Domain Controller (Single forest/domain), installed DNS and configured a Reverse DNS zone.For those who have tried, they probably noticed that none of the computers did dynamically register the reverse lookup (PTR) records in DNS.

When I installed active directory, I checked the option to install DNS but noticed that it did not create a "reverse lookup zone" so I created the zone afterward.

In the Microsoft DNS manager Reverse Lookup Zones, we found a "Dynamic Updates" configured to "Secure Only", causing the non-Microsoft DHCP server fail to update the (ptr) record.

May I know what are the impacts if we set the Dynamic Updates to "Nonsecure and secure"?

Your client HAS marked the "Register this connection's address in DNS"., and your DNS reverse zone security it is set to allow Secure - Dynamic updates ?

What error you get in the event log when you run ipconfig /registerdns ?

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We are using non-Microsoft DHCP server with Microsoft DNS.