Deadmau5 dating lindsey evans

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They announced their wedding, but unfortunately in June 2013, it was established by Kate that they are ending their engagement.

Before fulfilling Kate Von D, Zimmerman dated Lindsey Evans for about 12 months.

The audience screams and swoons as if for a rock god.

The devotion of his fans is cult-like: they follow him from show to show, tattoo his logo on their arms and calves, and post thousands of gushing comments about him and his music online.

He has more than four million Facebook fans, though given the speed at which his following has grown, that number could double by the time this story hits the newsstands.

Even his cat, a black and white shelter rescue he named Professor Meowingtons, has become a starring character in Zimmerman’s online universe.

His album "Album Title Goes Here" from 2012 reached No. He began dating Playboy Playmate of the Month Lindsey Evans in September 2010. He was engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D until they separated in June 2014. He has worked alongside several famous DJs, including Kaskade.

It's been about a year since Kat Von D angrily and publicly pulled the plug on her engagement to infamous cheater Jesse James, alleging that he'd stepped out on her with almost twenty women.

His fame has grown exponentially in the six years since he released his first recording.

The helmet looks goofy, but it’s important: it was key in Zimmerman’s transformation from a dance music outsider into a mainstream icon.

Before Zimmerman started appearing in his mask, his style of fast-paced rave music was typically played in a warehouse accessed via a dark alley. He stands high above the audience in a specially designed, spacecraft-like cube.

Deadmau5 actually Canadian DJ, music producer, and performer who’s got an ongoing estimated net worth of Million.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, that is famous with his phase title Deadmau5 or Dead Mouse came to be on 5 January 1981 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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Now it appears that she's moved on with yet another celeb: EDM superstar Deadmau5.