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Posted by / 07-Jan-2020 13:31

Once you’ve learned all you can, you will reach a point where this soul mate will be nothing more than remnants of love left, with space cleared for new love to come.

You may never have a greater love than this, but there certainly will be a better one.

In fact, not only do you and your partner complete each other, you make each other stronger.It’s clear that you care deeply about your partner, and while it may be hard to describe, a part of you is a bit more whole when you’re together.You feel good when you’re around this person, and while the future may not be as clearly laid out as you’d like, you’re on the right path toward a long and healthy relationship with one another.And, though time won’t change the fact that this love existed, it will give you the experience to help move forward.As time passes, you may meet someone with whom you intend to replicate lost love; then after, perhaps someone who stands for everything your ex was against.

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