Dating service signup

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Dating service signup

If there is one message you'll hear again and again in e Harmony's commercials and online ads, it's that their method for matching compatible people is "scientifically proven" to increase potential for dating and marriage.

The founders of e Harmony say they've created a formula that identifies members' best possible matches based on what they've dubbed the "29 Dimensions of Compatibility," which are a host of attributes from emotional temperament to physicality to values and beliefs.

One of these critics, Benjamin Radford at Discovery News, said in his article "Is e Harmony scientific?

": "Does their 'science' greatly improve the quality or odds of a match? After all, many matches are made without a hint (or claim) of scientific basis for the pairing.

Even long after you've closed your account with them, they still hold on to that comment you said to that one guy/girl and that photo you uploaded that you wish you hadn't.

And it's all part of what you agree to in their terms and conditions when you sign up.

These don't come cheap, as reflected in their three subscription options below: This places e Harmony as the most expensive of the top online dating services, more expensive than both and Zoosk.

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For those members who can't pay their subscription up front, they also offer installment payment plans.

These higher subscription costs have the double effect of chasing away less-than-serious daters and, as a result, keeping membership on e Harmony relatively low-15.5 million compared to the 21.5 million members on or the 25 million on Zoosk.

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In their defense, e Harmony claims to use this information to improve their services or to contribute to studies or similar companies.