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The Council also added 9 persons responsible for serious human rights violations to the list of those subject to a travel ban and an asset freeze. The Council also decided to subject one entity responsible for human rights violations to an asset freeze. The legal acts will be published in the EU Official Journal of 12 March.

For more details on the EU's relationship with Iran and restrictive measures, see factsheet European Union and Iran & EU Press Release.

UNSCR 1737 (2006) UN Arms Sanctions In order to persuade Iran to comply with this mandatory decision, the United Nations Security Council decided that all Member States of the United Nations should apply a number of restrictive measures.

In line with UNSCR 1737 (2006), Common Position 2007/140/CFSP (EU) provides for certain restrictive measures against Iran.

The act also specifies which natural gas products may no more be imported into the EU and clarifies that swapping Iranian natural gas is also prohibited.The companies - Yas Air and SAD Import Export Company - were responsible for shipping ammunition, assault rifles, machine guns, mortar shells and other arms from Iran to Syria.Source: El Ahram News Item June 10, 2010 - Security Council Imposes Additional Sanctions on Iran, Voting 12 in Favour to 2 Against, with 1 Abstention Brazil, Turkey, Lebanon Say Tehran Declaration Could Boost Diplomatic Efforts, While Sanctions Represent Failure of Diplomacy UNSCR 1929 (2010) UN Press Release concerning 1929(2010) & UNSCR 1929(2010) On 23 December 2006, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1737 (2006) (UNSCR 1737 (2006) deciding that Iran should without further delay suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, as well as work on all heavy water-related projects, and take certain steps required by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors, which the United Nations Security Council deems essential to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful purpose of Iran\’s nuclear programme.In connection with the third prohibition, the Act specifically cites covered "services" to include underwriting or providing insurance or reinsurance, financing or brokering, as well as providing ships or shipping services to deliver refined petroleum products (the prohibitions thus directly affect non-U. insurers, banks, shipping lines and leasing companies that service Iranian imports of refined petroleum products).December 21, 2012 - UN Security Council imposes sanctions on nuclear-ambitious Iran for providing military support to the Syrian government and violating a UN arm embargo on the war-torn country UN Security Council committee imposed sanctions on two Iranian firms that violated a U. arms embargo on Tehran by shipping weapons to the Syrian government.

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By putting the sanctions relief in place, the EU has implemented its part of the first step towards a comprehensive solution to address concerns about the Iranian nuclear programme.

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